Day 1 – Welcome to Santorini!

Upon boarding your yacht in the Santorini harbor you will be informed of the cruise itinerary and the boat. On the first day, your boat will be anchored in the Santorini harbor for overnight stay and dinner. You can explore the island, walk the famous streets of Oia and watch the sunset at Fira on the first day of your vacation in paradise. The southern most island of the Cyclades, Santorini is perhaps the most spectacular of the Greek islands. Otherwise known as Thira, this volcanic island is unique. The submerged caldera (crater) is a vestige of what was most likely one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in recorded history. Terraced into the volcanic cliffs are barrel-roofed cave houses and domed churches.


Along the lip of the caldera are several bars and restaurants; the view of the cliffs and their multicolored layers of lava and pumice are breathtaking.From Skala, the main harbor, sit comfortably on a donkey and climb up to Fira, the capital. Experience this charming town with its old Frankish quarter and its magnificent view of the bay where you can see Kamenes, two tiny islands made of lava. Thirassia is also worth visiting, the second largest island left from previous eruptions.Ships berth at Athinios, a tiny haven beneath the towering cliffs. In favorable weather, ships anchor offshore below Fira, whose dazzling white houses and domes extend along the cliff top nearly 210m above. Further north, the village of Oia is also set on the steep slope of the caldera, many of its whitewashed buildings nestle in recesses in the volcanic rock. It is famous for its spectacular sunsets.
Day 2 – Ios

We will cruise to the island of Ios early in the morning to wake up in time for breakfast. We will anchor in the south of the island to spend the day swimming and enjoying water sports before a stay in the port overnight. Ios is famous for its lively nightlife, which can be experienced in the beach resort of Mylopotas and in the harbor of Ormos. If you walk the streets of Chora at night, you will find out that the three main squares are filled with people dancing and having fun. In addition to the lively nightlife that rivals Mykonos, Ios boasts many beautiful sights for its visitors. The coastline of this predominantly mountainous island is festooned with a multitude of picturesque little coves and a myriad of quiet and peaceful places. Combined with the innumerable churches and chapels, olive-clad hills and vineyards, crystal-clear waters and blue skies, magnificent sandy beaches, Ios offers a taste for everyone who loves summer. Ios is also the burial place of Homer, you can pay a visit to his tomb after a little hike.


Day 3 – Paros & Antiparos
Paros is an attractive island in the center of the Cyclades. Three bays cut deep inland – in the west is the sheltered Paroikia Bay, the island’s capital, a charming, typically Cycladic old town with a 13th century Venetian kastro. In the north lies the little town of Naoussa, which in the Roman times was the island’s main port for the shipment of Lychnites marble. Naoussa is a popular resort at the heart of a colorful fishing village nowadays. In the east lies the virgin beaches that make perfect anchor for our yacht. Lefkes is the island’s highest and loveliest village. In July and August it is almost enshrouded in butterflies, the sight is spectacular. The Pangia Ekatontapyliani church, which dates from 326 AD, is one of the most splendid in the Cyclades. Antiparos, which is a small island off the southwest coast of Paros, has a coastline of 56km. The main village is an attractive and charming port. The Cave of Antiparos is an awe-inspiring site. At the entrance is a small chapel dedicated to St.John; from here the steps descend deep into the stalactite and stalagmite filled cave. Paros and Antiparos are idyllic islands and also well known for their ideal weather conditions for wind surfing and kite surfing. We will anchor here overnight and dine onboard.


Day 4 – Mykonos

Mykonos is perhaps the most visited of all Greek islands. It has by far the most sophisticated and exciting nightlife in Greece. Whitewashed Chora, the island’s main port, is a labyrinth of winding cobblestone alleys. The waterfront is filled with colorful fishing boats, and windmills spot the surrounding hilltops. The Panagia Paraportiani is the most famous of Mykonos’ several hundred churches. It is actually four little churches united into one beautiful white, knobby, asymmetrical structure. It is a photographer’s dream. To the south beyond Ornos is Agios Ioannis and to the east is Psarou, a lovely little cove. The island’s best beaches are further around the south coast: Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia. Whether you want to join the daytime beach parties or anchor your yacht in a quiet bay, Mykonos offers an alternative for everyone.

Lying a few kilometers off the west coast of Mykonos is Delos, one of the most important archeological sites in Greece. This sacred, barren island is the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. In the 8th century BC, a festival in honor of Apollo was established; the oldest temples and shrines date from this era.


Day 5 – Patmos
We will cruise to Patmos Island early in the morning, with a breakfast and swimming break in a bay around the island. Patmos is not a big island, but it is one of the best known. It was here that St. John completed the last part of The Apocalypse of John, and this is why Patmos is sometimes called “The Jerusalem of the Aegean.” The Monastery of St. John’s towers above the capital, the Chora; the island breathes faith and devotion. According to mythology, Patmos was a gift from Zeus to his daughter Artemis, the goddess of hunting and young women. She was worshipped here in antiquity, and the monastery of St. John was built on her temple. At your leisure, you may visit these monasteries and walk around the island of Patmos. Your yacht will stay in the Patmos Port for dinner and overnight stay.


Day 6 – Yalikavak & Gumusluk
We will leave the island of Patmos after breakfast and cruise over to the Turkish coast, arriving in Yalikavak marina in time for lunch. Yalikavak is a new jewel on the Bodrum peninsula boasting a world class superyacht marina called Palmarina; studded with many shops, restaurants and the famous Billionaire nightclub, it is a yacht haven and a destination on its own. You may anchor here overnight or cruise over to the bay of Gumusluk after a short 1-hr cruise to catch the sunset and dine onshore.Gumusluk is a sleepy fishing village situated on the remains of the ancient city of Myndos. The remains of the foundations of buildings can be clearly seen in the knee deep water that leads from the middle of the two bays to Rabbit Island. Since 2004, the village has played host to the Gumusluk International Classical and Jazz Music Festival in the summers. The annual festival is hosted in the Antique Stone Quarries in the Koyunbaba cove of Gumusluk. King Mausolos collected the stones for both his palace and his Mausoleum (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) from this quarry.


Day 7 – Bodrum
After breakfast and swimming, we will prepare for the return to Bodrum. Bodrum has a history that goes back to the 12th century B.C. The city that was once called ‘Halicarnassus’ was the birthplace of Herodotus; the ‘Father of History’ who lived in the 5th century B.C. The ‘Mausoleum’ of King Mausolus (350 B.C.) one of the Seven Wonders of the World is in this city. The only structure that survived from the Classical Era is the Amphitheatre. It is one of the oldest theatres in Anatolia with a capacity of 13.000 guests and it is still hosting many shows and concerts for the art-lovers of Bodrum. Another place that you should visit when you arrive in Bodrum is the landmark of the city, the ‘Castle of Saint Peter’. It is one of the best preserved pieces of architecture with a history dating back to the Middle Ages. ‘Myndos Gate’ through which Alexander the Great entered Halicarnassus is another place that you should not miss to visit. Most sophisticated of the Turkish Aegean, Bodrum offers fine dining, world class nightlife and shopping.


Day 8 – Goodbye Bodrum!
After a leisurely breakfast in the morning, it is time to say goodbye to your yacht and the crew at 10am. They will prepare the yacht for her next charter, while we encourage you to stay in Bodrum and extend your vacation in paradise one more day. We hope to show you more of the Aegean Coast next summer!